Hard to believe, but the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) will celebrate their 25th anniversary later this year.  Formed by consolidating the Armed Services’ four separate commissary systems, DeCA officially took command and control October 1, 1991.  The new Defense Agency was tasked with reducing appropriated funding requirements, standardizing and improving operations while preserving the commissaries as a relevant, valued benefit. No question that by any measurement, DeCA has and continues to excel in delivering the savings and service Military families have earned and most definitely deserve.

Incorporated in 1986 only 5 years prior to DeCA, CPFD is proud to serve the 78 commissaries located in the western United States, Alaska, Hawaii and the Pacific as well as the 8 Distribution Centers in the Pacific theater.  From the smaller locations such as Bridgeport, NV and Camp Kure, Japan to some of DeCA’s largest in Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest and San Diego, CPFD remains committed to delivering wherever commissaries are located.

Congratulations to DeCA on 25 years of dedicated and outstanding service for U.S. Military and their families stationed around the world.  And a special thanks to the Military Resale Industry who continue to deliver much needed products and service in support of DeCA’s mission.