+ Terry F. Wood, Chief Executive Officer

Terry Wood joined CPFD in 1995, overseeing the Company's military program and growth in the Far East market and subsequently included the further development of its infrastructure to support future expansion of its business throughout the domestic military market. Since joining the company, Terry has been instrumental in building the procurement, customer service and sales development that has made Coastal Pacific the largest military distributor in the Western U.S. and Far East markets.

Previous to CPFD, Terry served as Corporate Director of Military Sales of SuperValu Inc. from 1993 with the responsibility of joining the military network created by SuperValu's acquisition of Wetterau, Inc. Prior to the acquisition, Terry had served as Corporate Director of Military Sales of Wetterau, Inc. from 1991-1993. From 1979-1991 Terry held various management positions focused on wholesale and retail operations at Wetterau's Charleston division.

Prior to joining Wetterau, Inc., Terry began in the retail food industry (1970 - 1977) with Bi-Lo, Inc. in Mauldin, SC, then with Ahold. His retail experience included all areas of retail, including Front-End Manager and Assistant Store Manager.

Terry was elected to the National Board of Directors of the National American Logistics Association (ALA) and has served as President of the Northern California ALA Chapter. He is a member of the National ALA Commissary Council and is on the Board of Directors for the Coalition of Military Distributors.

Terry holds a BS degree in Administrative Management from Clemson University. He was also selected by Supervalu, Inc. to participate in the Minnesota Executive Program, which he completed in 1994.

+ Jeffrey P. King, President

Jeff King was appointed to Chief Operating Officer in January 2015, assuming all responsibilities formerly held by Terry Wood. Jeff King joined CPFD in November 2006 as Vice President of Business Development & Special Markets in conjunction with CPFD's acquisition of California Pacific Associates, LLC (Cal Pac) where he held the position of Chief Operating Officer. Jeff was responsible for the integration of the two companies while maintaining operations for the Cal Pac division.

In March 2008, Jeff was given the additional role overseeing CPFD's Prime Vendor Food Service Division, where he was responsible for administering contracts with the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support (DLA TS), formerly the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP) in Japan, Singapore, Diego Garcia, the Philippines and as a subcontractor in Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan and most recently Afghanistan. Jeff has been integral in the writing, submission, and subsequent award of CPFD's key Prime Vendor contracts.

Jeff began his career with Cal Pac at the warehouse level and, over the next 10 years at Cal Pac, he assumed increased levels of responsibility and management positions leading to his appointment to Chief Operating Officer, which he held for 8 years prior to the CPFD acquisition. In joining CPFD, Jeff brought his experience from the distribution end as well as the store level operations with the in-store deli and bakeries contract, to include sushi operations throughout the commissaries in the Far East. In addition, the Cal Pac division of CPFD is also the "Prime Vendor" to the Air Force Non-Appropriated Funds MWR activities located throughout the Far East market.

Jeff is a member of the American Logistics Association. He has served as President of the ALA Northern California Chapter for 3 years. He was elected to the ALA's National Board of Directors from 2005 through 2010 and, while in this capacity, served on numerous committees involving issues surrounding the military resale system.

Jeff holds a B.S. in Business and Economics from Saint Mary's College of California.

+ Matthew W. Payne, Chief Financial Officer

Matt joined Coastal Pacific in 2012. Prior to Coastal he worked for Jardines in Hong Kong, China and London. Matt graduated from Virginia Tech (BS Civil Engineering) and Old Dominion University (MA Applied Linguistics) and received an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is also a CFA charterholder.

+ Tim Tveitnes, Chief Operating Officer

Tim Tveitnes joined CPFD in 2005 as the Vice President of Distribution overseeing all of CPFD’s Warehousing, Transportation, Distribution Services, Loss Prevention and Facilities. Tim continues to oversee these areas along with Customer Service. Tim was instrumental in the development and implementation of KPI metrics, WMS upgrades, Voice Picking, Fleet Management and Facility space utilization. In addition, Tim has been involved in Prime Vendor helping set up and oversee the Kuwait, Jordan, and Iraq Prime Vendor operations. Tim was promoted to Sr. Vice President Operations in 2012.

Previous to CPFD, Tim served as Sr. Director Distribution for Longs Drugs. Prior to joining Longs Drugs Tim had served as Regional Vice President of Distribution for Nash Finch Company. Tim began his career in food distribution in 1979 with Wetterau, Inc. Tim has 40 years of distribution experience holding positions of increased responsibility with Associated Wholesale Grocers in Kansas City, KS, Spartan Stores, Grand Rapids, MI and The Copps Corporation in Stevens Point, WI. Tim’s experience includes every aspect of Food Distribution.

+ Monika Bertke, Executive Vice President Finance & Administration

Monika Bertke joined CPFD in August 1997 as Corporate Controller overseeing CPF's corporate-wide finance and accounting departments. In June 2006 Monika was named Vice President of Finance and an Officer of the Company. Prior to CPFD she held various financial management positions with Fleming Foods in their franchise retail Food-4-Less division. Previous management positions in retail and manufacturing included jobs in procurement, transportation, internal audit and retail sales.

Monika earned her M.B.A. from California State University, Sacramento, and her B.S. degree in Agricultural & Managerial Economics from the University of California, Davis.

+ Richard S. Page, Executive Vice President Government & Agency Affairs

Richard (Rick) Page joined CPFD in April 2009 and is currently the Executive Vice President of Government and Agency Affairs. Rick’s responsibilities include collaborating with industry leaders to identify, develop and pursue opportunities to engage with government officials regarding company or industry initiatives. Rick is also responsible for developing strategies, evaluating pending legislation and agency mandates and building relationships and facilitating communications throughout the supply chain.

Prior to his current position, Rick served as CPFD’s Senior Vice President of Customer Services overseeing the expanding CPFD Hawaii commissary distribution as well as identifying and developing business opportunities with the military exchanges.

Prior to joining Coastal Pacific, Rick served as Chief Operating Officer with the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) Headquarters in Fort Lee, VA, responsible for worldwide operations and sales for 254 commissaries and 10 Distribution Centers located in 13 countries serving over 12 million authorized customers. During the period of October 2007 through June 2008 he served as the Acting Director.

Throughout his 30-year Federal career, Rick served in every facet of commissary operations from Store Director, Region Chief Operations and Merchandising, Zone Manager, Deputy Region Director on three occasions, Acting Region Director and was appointed as a member of the Senior Executive Service in May 2002 as the DeCA West Region Director.

Prior to joining the military commissaries, Rick began in the retail food industry (1968-1978) with Alterman Foods in Georgia serving in all areas of retail to include Store Director.

Rick has received numerous awards including the Secretary of Defense Exceptional Service Award, DeCA's Distinguished Service Medal (2), DeCA Meritorious Service Medal (3), Navy Meritorious Service Medal, Air Force Association DoD Civilian Person of the Year and the Federal Executive of the Year for Central Pennsylvania.

Rick holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Georgia and is a member of the American Logistics Association and was elected to the American Logistics Association National Board in 2013, serving as the Vice Chair for 2014-2015 and Chair for 2015-2016. Rick was also a past Chair of the American Logistics Association’s Exchange Council. In 2017 Rick was presented with ALA’s Lifetime Achievement Award.


+ Keith Curtis, Senior Vice President of Information Systems

Keith Curtis was appointed Vice President of CPFD in April 2010 when CPFD split their IT operations away from MDV/Nash Finch. Prior to that he had been Application Development Manager at MDV; a position he had held since 1995.

Keith has been fundamentally involved in all aspects of application software development for MDV and CPFD throughout those years. He was responsible for bringing both companies to the web when their websites first debuted in 1999 and has engineered a number of systems that have helped MDV & CPFD reduce costs and improve efficiencies over the years.

Keith was awarded a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics from Kings College, London and spent two years teaching High School Math before joining Burroughs (now Unisys). There he made a rapid rise thru the ranks and was appointed Application Development Manager within 5 years of joining. He subsequently left Burroughs to form his own company with a colleague. That business relationship ended when Keith joined MDV in 1995 after relocating to the U.S. in 1993.

+ Pat Ranga, Vice President EDI/E-Commerce

Pat Ranga joined the Coastal Pacific Food Distributors (CPFD) Team in April 2010 as Vice President EDI/E-Commerce to support the rapid growth of CPF EDI initiatives/projects. Prior to this appointment, Pat was the EDI Manager at MDV/Nash Finch with responsibilities to support both MDV and CPFD EDI operations in a joint IT services model.

Pat has over 25+ years of experience in project management, implementation, and integration of complex and disparate systems using total automation tools to reduce cost and increase efficiency. His wide ranging expertise includes an in-depth understanding of the Military Re-sale Market and designing systems and processes to support CPFD's critical Business-to-Business (B2B) infrastructure.

Pat pioneered many innovations at CPFD including direct connect with major DOD agencies via secure protocols (Secure FTP, AS2). This ensured speedier processing of EDI data, reduced cost of processing, and increasing supply chain efficiencies via effective B2B information flow.

Pat holds a B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering, an MBA from University of Madras in India. He also obtained a M.S. in Information Systems from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia. Prior to his move to United States, he held a position of Manger-Software Support at Burroughs (Bahamas) Limited.

+ Brian Murdoch, Vice President of Prime Vendor Operations Division

Brian Murdoch is the Vice President of Prime Vendor Operations for Coastal Pacific Food Distributors. Brian joined CPFD in October 1995 as the Head Buyer for the DeCA Commissaries in conjunction with CPFD’s acquisition of Select Foods. Prior to joining CPFD, Brian worked for 8 years at Select Foods, starting in the mailroom and worked his way to become Head Buyer at Select where he was in charge of both Commissary and Lucky Northern CA retail procurement programs while also attending Chabot College.

In 1998 when CPFD won their first Prime Vendor Contract Brian took on the role of General Manager for the Prime Vendor Program. In 2003 Brian worked closely with DLA and CPFD’s PV Team to convert Mainland Japan from a Government Owned and Government Operated (GOGO) Depot System to a Contractor Owned Contractor Operated (COCO) Distribution System. At that time CPFD setup two distribution centers in Japan along with establishing a new COCO DC in Singapore.

In 2010, Brian was instrumental in working with ANHAM to startup the PV Kuwait Contract and, later in 2013, also worked to ramp up CONUS PV operations in support of ANHAM’s Afghanistan PV Program. In January 2014, Brian was promoted to the Vice President of Prime Vendor Operations, which included oversight of PV contracts and subcontracts for both DLA TS and for Air Force Non-Appropriated Funds (AFNAF). Overseeing and developing the CPFD PV program since its inception, Brian has been involved in the significant expansion and growth of CPFD’s PV program supporting our US Troops throughout Asia as a Prime Contractor and in CONUS as subcontractor to ANHAM in the Middle East. Brian is a member of the Research and Developments Associates for Military Food.


+ Tim Tveitnes, On-Site Chief Operating Officer - Ontario Division

+ Walter Stilphen, General Manager - Stockton Division

+ Mike Eveler, General Manager - Fife Division

+ Marlin Van Vleet, General Manager - Hawaii Division

+ Patti Ryland, Director Deli/Bakery/Sushi

+ Anne Fong, Director AFNAF/MWR

+ Julie Terrel, Director Prime Vendor Operations

+ Vaughan Jackson, Director Prime Vendor Operations Asia


+ Tamara Andrews, Corporate Director Merchandising

+ Frank Costa, Director Business Development - Resale Division

+ Debbie May, Business Manager

+ Katie Hoyt, Business Manager

+ Michelle Alberto, Prime Vendor Business Manager


+ Frank Pecoraro

Frank Pecoraro, retired President and Chief Executive Officer of CPFD, served from late 2005 to 2014 following the retirement of its former President, David Jared. Beginning his career in military wholesale food distribution, Frank joined MDV/Nash Finch as Vice President of Operations and Logistics in early 1996 and later that year he took on the additional operations responsibilities at CPFD during its rapid growth phase which included acquisitions of Jilson and Weber.

Since 2005, Frank has led CPFD on a steady course through continued growth, improved operations and customer satisfaction, a very successful acquisition and integration of California Pacific Associates in November 2006, and significant warehouse facility expansion projects.

Prior to joining MDV and CPFD, Frank held various management positions with companies in the grocery industry including Dallas Systems Corp, a premiere food distribution software company and with Hannaford Bros. Co., a prominent Northeast Food Retailer.

Frank was recently elected to the National Board of Directors of the American Logistics Association, and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of Maine.

+ Bill Ungerman

Bill Ungerman retired from the position of Chief Financial Officer in 2014. He served in this capacity from CPFD's inception in 1986. He began his career in military wholesale food distribution with Military Distributors of Virginia (MDV) in 1982 and held the CFO position for both CPFD and MDV until 2006.

Bill has been involved in numerous business acquisitions and expansion projects throughout his career with both CPFD and MDV.

Bill began his career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the state of Virginia. He was a CPA with Goodman and Company CPA's prior to entering the military resale field. He graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Business Administration from Old Dominion University in 1980 and received his CPA license in 1982.